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Did You Know . . . Racial Equity Learning at Your Fingertips

A series of informational articles prepared by members of the Racial Equity Group

After 15 months of continual weekly meetings, studies and sharing, PPC’s Racial Equity Group was ready for more. The group is called to “be doers of the word, not merely hearers” (James 1:22). Beginning in September 2020, they began sharing a weekly article, written by a member of the group, on some particular aspect of the broad topic of “racial equity” (or inequity). The focus for each article is the common calling, for Christians, to stand justice for everyone. These articles began to be included in the church’s weekly Thursday Blast emails. Now, the articles are shared in the Thursday Blast and on the church’s Racial Equity blog.

The articles may concern any of the following: a particular event in our country’s history, a current event, a racial issue in a particular aspect of life (e.g. education, incarceration, housing, health, etc.), definitions of relevant terms, a review of a book for adults, or a book for children, a brief biography of a person of color, local places of interest to visit, etc. Each article will include a brief passage from scripture that is relevant to the topic being explored in the article.