Young Adults

Young Adult Bible Study

The Young Adult Bible Study group meets weekly on Wednesdays from 7 to 9 pm at the home of one of the participants. This group is self led, meaning that each week a different person leads our discussion. We chose this format so that we might grow both in our bible study and leadership skills.

We begin our time together by singing accompanied by guitar, violin, or whatever instruments our talent allows each week. The majority of our time is spent reading and discussing a book of the bible which we work through from beginning to end. Each person has a bible study commentary on the book of the bible we are currently reading. It is up to the leader each week to decide how much the commentary will influence the discussion. We end each evening by sharing how God has been answering prayers in our own lives. We also share our prayer concerns and spend time praying for one another. The household hosting the bible study each week usually provides an appetizer or dessert so that we not only study, but also feast together.

This group started with a committed core of eight people and has grown slowly over recent months. We consist of young adults who are married with kids, married with no kids, engaged, and single. Our discussions are guided by the Scriptures and always involve both a close theological reading of the bible, as well as reflection on how our faith is shaped, changed, or challenged by what we find in the text. Currently families with children are finding their own child care, however as we grow we regularly discuss how we might accommodate those with child care needs.

For more information, email Katie Douglas [link to email]