Back in the Sanctuary

We’re Back in the Sanctuary for Worship!

We are excited to announce that the metrics our Session approved to guide our decision making related to Covid-19 and the return to in-person worship in the sanctuary have been met! While we will continue to live-stream our services for those who wish to worship from home, the sanctuary will be open to the congregation beginning on May 16 for the 10:15 am service! Our protocols may change over time so we appreciate your cooperation and grace. Here is what you can expect.

  • No sign-ups will be necessary. We can accommodate our congregation safely, with social distance.
  • Everyone, except those under age two and those advised by a physician not to wear a mask for an extended time.
  • You may enter the church from the center sanctuary doors facing Main Street, the parking lot door across from the playground, the ramp door, or the glass doors off the courtyard.
  • After entering the building, you should stop in the reception area by the sanctuary where you will be greeted by a Deacon who will explain which pews are able to be selected, and to pick up a bulletin. Many pews will not be available in order to provide social distancing for our safety. The bulletin material will also be projected on large screens in the front sides of the sanctuary so holding a bulletin is optional.
  • In the reception area you will find communion elements if it is a communion Sunday, offering plates where you can leave your offering, worship bags for children, and a flip chart where you can write a joy or a concern for our Prayers of the People. The sanctuary will be cooled prior to worship but during the service the fans will be turned off and the windows will be open to provide ventilation.
  • Children will be invited forward for the Time with Children and we will ask them to sit with family members as a pod, allowing empty space between family groups. Children may also remain in their pews if they like. After the Time with Children, young ones will remain with their families for the duration of worship. There is no child care available at this time.
  • The congregation may join in singing hymns (still with masks, of course).
  • Following worship, the congregation will be encouraged to adjourn to the courtyard to say hello to the worship leaders and friends and to meet newcomers in our midst. Please keep some distance as you greet people because not everyone is fully vaccinated or old enough to receive a vaccination and we want everyone to feel welcome and included. You may access the courtyard using the elevator to the glass doors, or by going down the sanctuary front steps toward Main Street.

We recognize that returning to worship in the sanctuary right now will not be the best choice for everyone. We encourage you to do what’s right for yourself, knowing that we will continue to provide worship on-line, and we’ll be here when you are ready to return. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or to a member of the What’s Next Team. They are Hope Anderson, Gary Coleman, Kim Newport, Corinne Orlando, Joe Tully, Clarke Walker, and myself.