Pictured below are three members of Pennington Presbyterian in 2015 as they planned the Tahdziu system with three members of that community. From left to right are Chris LaCasse, Nancy Russell, and Hope Anderson, who is head of the mission. (The three from Tahdziu are part of the Ebenezer Iglesia Nacional de Presbiteriana community.)

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Pennington Presbyterian Church Will Hold Rummage Sale on June 3 & 4
to Raise Funds for its Safe Water Mission to Mexico in 2016

The Community is Invited as Donors and Shopping Patrons

This summer, 22 young people and adults from Pennington Presbyterian Church (pennpres.org) will travel to the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico to install a community-based water purification system with partners from Ebenezer Iglesia Nacional de Presbiteriana in Tahdziu, a rural village about 281 kilometers west of Cancun.  Leaders for the trip have been educated through Living Waters for the World, an organization based in Tennessee. (livingwatersfortheworld.org/) During the trip, partners will work together installing a reverse osmosis system, teaching adults in the community how to share health and hygiene information with those who use the water, and the young people will lead a vacation bible school program themed on water to build up the supportive community around the system.  This will be the third water project for the Pennington congregation.  According to Hope Anderson, the coordinator of the installation, “We have found our involvement with Living Waters for the World and our partners in the Yucatan to be life changing, not only for the people there whose health has been improved by drinking safe water, but for those of us who have had the honor of partnering with amazing friends in Mexico.”

This is the first year that a group of youth from the Pennington Presbyterian Church will make the trip to Mexico. Each year the youth group undertakes a service mission in the summer that takes them somewhere there is a great need outside of their immediate community. In 2015, the group went to Detroit to work with Habitat for Humanity. Associate Pastor David Hallgren says: “Our students have learned a lot about serving with monthly local mission and service days. We discuss with our young participants that you often receive more than you give when you engage with helping meet the needs of others. Each mission is an opportunity to serve and in that process also discover our own needs and how they are best met within a supportive community. This summer’s trip will broaden the perspective on community for the eleven youth who are planning to participate.” You can learn more about the water system and Living Waters for the World at the church’s Pennington Day booth.

Many in the congregation have been involved raising funds for the trip and for the equipment involved in the water system. Putting in one of these systems requires over $40,000 for multiple planning, installation and support trips; equipment; spare parts; training; and support materials. This year’s trip involving the young people of the congregation adds to the need for funds. This has been a labor of love for many in the congregation. Pennington Presbyterian started the Dash Away 5K race as major fundraiser last fall, and will run it again in 2016 on December 3. There have been special collections; cooking pancakes and making sandwiches; writing appeals to aunts, uncles and grandparents; and selling of special stock certificates to fund the trip. The next fundraiser is a rummage sale of gently used household items on June 3 and 4. There is still a ways to go to reach the 2016 goals.

Pennington Presbyterian Church invites the community to support the rummage sale in two ways. Come and shop — and bring friends, too — on June 3 (11 am to 3 pm), or June 4 (9 am to 3 pm). The sale will be at 13 South Main Street next to the church building. Donation of gently used household items may be dropped off 10 am to 4 pm in the church office, starting May 23. Excluded from the sale and donations are clothing and electronics (TVs, stereos, computers and the like.)