Note of wonder from Sandy LaCasse

As our time here in the Holy Land begins to run out, I look back at the past ten days and wonder how it will shape our future.

For my son and I this has been an amazing, unforgettable trip. We’ve seen the birthplace of Jesus, prayed the Lord’s Prayer in the same place he taught the disciples, visited the sites of his baptism, his miracles, his ministry, his death and resurrection. We’ve seen ancient stones, caves, and heard stories of Jesus in the places he lived, taught and healed. Our faith has been revitalized, now how can we share this gift with the entire congregation?

We’ve been fortunate to meet people who work for peace in a land divided by politics, ideology and walls. How can that not inspire us? How can we fight for peace and justice in Mercer County as well as other parts of the world? As the school in Ibillin sows seeds for peace, how can we plant the seeds for peacemaking in our friends, neighbors, coworkers and Church? Exhausted, but filled with spirit, we prepare for the next part of this trip … sharing what we’ve learned.

— Sandy LaCasse