Reading Acts

This summer, our congregation is reading the Acts of the Apostles together, with a group discussion on the last Sunday of the month to talk about discoveries or questions from the chapters just completed.  The schedule is below.

You are also encouraged to read one or more of Paul’s letters: Romans stions from the chapters just completed. A reading schedule will be provided everyone so that you can do this at your own pace. Acts has only twenty-eight chapters so this will not be difficult homework. It would also be great if you read one or more of Paul’s letters. Any of these count: Romans, I and II Corinthians, Galatians, Philippians, Philemon, and I Thessalonians. Many scholars would also accept Colossians and II.

What do Paul’s messages and the story of the early church have to say to the twenty-first century church in Pennington?

Pastor David Hallgren will meet after worship on the last Sunday of each month to discuss the readings and reactions. He is also going to be at Sourland Coffee on Thursday mornings at 9 AM to talk about that’s week’s reading over a cup of coffee.

The Acts of the Apostles Reading Schedule

Week Chapters Themes
May 29-June 4 Acts 1,2 Introduction and connection to the Gospel of Luke – Jesus Ministry continues with the Apostles


June 5-11 Acts 3,4 Witnesses – time in Jerusalem

Healings and conflict in the San Hedrin

June 12-18 Acts 5,6 More trouble with the Jewish leaders

Community and all of its troubles

Stephen as a credible witness and apostle

June 19-25 Acts 7,8 Story of Stephen

What is Paul’s role as the gospel begins to take root?

Philip – the gospel is for everyone?

June 26-July 2 Acts 9,10 Saul-Paul and a conversion of grace

Peter called to go beyond Jerusalem

July 3-9 Acts 11,12 The 12 are called to expand
July 10-16 Acts 13,14 Paul is sent out to the many nations
July 17-23 Acts 15,16 Jerusalem Council – reaction to Paul’s expanding mission.

Gentiles and Jews – who is this thing for?

Paul in Philippi

July 24-30 Acts 17,18 Paul travels to Athens and Corinth and brings the good news which causes conflict
July 31-August 6 Acts 19,20 Paul travels to Ephesus and back to Jerusalem
August 7-13 Acts 21, 22 Paul in Jerusalem, visits with James and gets arrested.

Paul gives witness to his conversion

August 14-20 Acts 23, 24 Paul in the hands of council – a group of them want to kill him.

Paul’s defense before Felix at Caesarea

August 21-27 Acts 25, 26 Paul calls upon the Emperor and before Agrippa.

Paul witnesses to his conversion and invites Agrippa to join in his belief

August 28-September 3 Acts 27, 28 Paul heads to Rome but a storm keeps him

Shipwrecked on Malta.

Paul visits Rome and preaches