We’re Moving Quickly, But Not the Internet

Jack in Tel Aviv

Jack in Tel Aviv

Hello from Israel/Palestine!  We’re sorry for the slow updates.  It turns out that our hotel internet connection is very slow.  We’re trying to get more posts and photos up so please be patient.  Above all, we’re safe, learning and seeing much and missing our friends and family back home.

Today is Sunday.  We went to Jerusalem today and walked the Villa Darosa and saw the Stations of the Cross, ending at the Tomb of Jesus and Calvary.  If you think the Palestinian and Israeli Conflict is the only one here, you need to know about the Catholic and Orthodox conflict at the holy sites as well – we’ll save details on this for our slide show (already selling that event).

We’re learning much about both sides of the Israeli and Palestinian conflict.  Many eyes and minds have been opened.

Tomorrow is the West Wall and more Jerusalem.  The food is good (we’re having more hummus then we ever imagined) and the Tour Guide is informative and funny (most times at least).  If only Craig and Jack would keep with the group, we’d be okay.  Only kidding.

Everyone says hello to all and we’ll be writing more soon.  Thanks.