Mission, Peacekeeping and Justice

We recognize great need in our world. Our Pennington Presbyterian Church family seeks to serve the mission of Jesus Christ as we support local, national and international efforts to help reduce poverty, empower low-income people and improve the living standards for all in need. In addition, our efforts are focused on education involving peacemaking and justice.

At Pennington Presbyterian there are many ways for you to actively respond and engage when hearing God’s call to serve others. This can be of an outward mission nature or as part of the “in-house” mission support for these ministries. You can make a difference and have a rewarding experience, all to God’s glory in thanksgiving for the gifts given us.

Local Outreach

Food Donation

Thanksgiving food collection for 30 families

In service to God, we strive to serve those in our local community in a variety of ways with a strong desire to connect and to be directly and personally involved.


HomeFront’s mission is helping families without homes gain their footing and advance their livelihoods vocationally and economically. Our support of HomeFront includes support of Hutchet House, a residence for mothers and infants, equipping children with school supplies and participation in special activity at holidays.  In the past year, HomeFront has experienced a severe need for diapers, as they are needed so parents can leave their children in daycare when they go to work or go on job interviews.  PPC has been running a highly successful diaper drive for the past year for this vital support.

Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK)

TASK is a vital operation in Trenton providing nourishing meals to those in need–with the number of people being served continuing to climb at an alarming pace. PPC continues to collect canned and boxed food for TASK in support of their mission. 

Rescue Mission of Trenton

This organization serves the neediest citizens of the City of Trenton with a clear mission: Working Together to Rebuild Lives. Aiming to foster self-sufficiency, programs are offered in areas such as substance-abuse counseling, job training, and a homeless shelter. Our church holds seasonal clothing drives to support the work of this very necessary effort.

Arm in Arm of Princeton and Trenton

Our “Red Wagon” offering, the first Sunday of each month, goes to the Crisis Ministry’s hunger prevention, homelessness prevention, and workforce development programs. This Ministry’s pro-active approach emphasizes assistance systems designed to address practical, critical individual and family circumstances before they reach crisis levels to avoid welfare dependency.  We also support Arm in Arm’s utilities program through our special offerings program.  This funding is used to support those who cannot pay their monthly utility bills.

Other Local Outreach

Some of our other recent projects include:

  • Providing financial support and working with Urban Promise in their efforts to provide leadership training to students in Trenton;

  • Working with Senator Turner of New Jersey to collect books reflecting topics of social justice and diversity to be distributed to needy children in the Trenton area;

  • Food collection for local food pantries including the Hopewell Valley Mobile Food Pantry in Pennington.

National and Global Outreach

Our congregation’s commitment to global mission is reflected through our active support of mission projects in faraway places with programs at the church supporting third world artisans and other projects aiming to build sustainable communities. Through PC USA initiatives such as Living Waters for the World, Pennington Presbyterian’s own efforts are further enhanced by a resourceful network of churches of all denominations, civic organizations, and others in mission.

Clean Water

Our congregation is committed to responding to the desperate need for safe clean drinking water in poor communities around the world. In 2009, we began a long term relationship with Living Waters for the World, a synod and clean water mission of the PCUSA. Nine members of our congregation joined partners in Mexico during November 2010 to install a reverse osmosis clean water system and provide clean water education in the village of Sacalum, Yucatan. Today we continue to support that system and its operators as they supply safe drinking water to the children and adults of Sacalum and the surrounding area. We are currently working on plans to expand this outreach and make a difference in the quality of life for additional international communities.

Support to Developing Communities

During the Christmas season our congregation sponsors the Alternative Christmas Market including A Greater Gift (SERVV) that supports “the social and economic progress of people in developing regions of the world by marketing their products”.

Youth Mission

he youth of Pennington Presbyterian are committed to and active in service to others. One of our past trips included travel to Israel/Palestine where they served, shared with, and learned from people in the Holy Land. They participated in service projects, studied scripture, and shared in worship and fellowship with our intergenerational team and the local community. In other years, the Senior Highs traveled to West Virginia, Maine, and Pittsburgh where along with a dedicated group of adults from our church, our youth committed their time and completed construction and renovation projects for those in need. The annual mission trip for our senior highs continues to provide an important discipleship opportunity for sharing our Christian faith and joy while responding to need.