April 5 Mission dinner to welcome guests from Israel

The Mission Committee is hosting two guests from Israel. Elias Abu Ghanima and Abuna (Father) Arif, associated with the Mar Elias Educational Institution. You are invited. – On Wednesday, at 6:30 pm, April 5th, there will be a dinner with a program to follow. (If you cannot attend dinner and want to hear the presentation, come at 7:15 pm.) The program will focus on Christian schools in the Israeli context: what makes them unique, why have they emerged, and why are they still needed.  The two leaders will also address the situation of Palestinians living as a minority on the Israeli side of the Green line (the UN boundary line establishing the West Bank separately from the state of Israel, largely ignored by Israel with the establishment of numerous Israeli settlements).

Those who visited Israel with the PPC group, may remember Archbishop Chacour and the Mar Elias Educational Institutions he founded in Ibillin, in the Galilee, near Haifa, Israel. Elias Abu Ghanima is the head of the high school and met with our group on the Israel trip. Abuna Arif is the full time pastor of the two Melkite Catholic Churches that are in the villages of Arraba and Sakhnin.

If you would like to attend, contact the church office at 609-737-1221 so we have a head count for dinner and know whom to expect after dinner. Extension 10 or office@pennpres.org. If you have questions, contact Hope Anderson, at 609-737-6622.