June 30- Crete and Santorini

This morning Gordon got up early to leave on an excursion of the ancient Minoan Palace of Knosis and the archaeological museum on the island of Crete. A 4500 year old palace complex built on seven layers of Neolithic settlements stretching back to 4000 bc, this site has evidence of the first European civilization. He appreciated seeing pottery, frescoes, jewelry, and Bronze Age battle gear. The most interesting thing he saw was a salad plate sized disc with still undecipherable Linear A script. 
Peter stayed back feeling a bit sick while the girls and I roamed around Heraklion. They were so excited to have ice cold Starbucks drinks. 

This afternoon we went to Santorini. I had been looking forward to this island in particular. The white buildings with bright blue roofs and the sea in the background has always been enchanting to me. If you go to a diner in NJ you will likely see a poster of it. The beautiful buildings were a joy to see in person. We went into a Greek Orthodox Church with beautiful icons. I now look for icons of Paul. I had a few minutes before the bus took off to sketch one of the buildings. I haven’t had many moments to do that but I did in Santorini!

Tomorrow we disembark at 6:30 am and see Athens and Corinth! Yeah! It will be a great day with St Paul. The cruise was fun but I’m ready for mainland Greece.