June 30- Anna’s Thoughts

Hi again! I’m writing to you from a cruise in the Aegean. The sun has just set and pinks and oranges paint the sky. It is our last day on the Celestyal Olympia. We have spent a few days on this boat, and it is wonderful. I am a sucker for pools ( I Like to pronounce it poo-el). There is a pool on one of the many decks, and I have been there twice already. I am going again this afternoon. Cruises. They are truly gifts. I feel so relaxed and refreshed on board. Yesterday, my sister and I went to the spa where we got massages and facials. What. An. Experience. I have never felt so relaxed in my entire life. 10/10 would get a massage again. My mom got an Indian Head Massage- it was delightful for her. It targets stress relief, something she deserves on her sabbatical. I love to see her so relaxed. 

On our ship, passengers have a chance to sign up for “excursions”. When the ship docks, you can go on tours on the island, or simply walk around on your own. Yesterday, my parents and I headed on a tour of various sites in Rhodes. There were peacocks! I tried to feed them, but they didn’t really appreciate my kindness. 🙁 I should stick to Broadway… Peacock herding isn’t really in my future.) My parents and I also went to a raffle drawing, as we had entered to win €500. We didn’t win yet enjoyed the heavily accented version of “we are the champions” sung by some band members. 

Today, my mom, sister, and I left the ship for Crete. What a beautiful island. The harbor had colorful boats that stood out when juxtaposed next to the brown stone streets. We wandered around, looking in shops. We stopped at Starbucks and enjoyed delicious, cool beverages. I bought a pink leather purse because my lack of carrying my own items had become a frequent topic in the Mikoski household. We are back on the boat again now. This afternoon, we disembark in Santorini, the world famous island with beautiful blue roofs. 
I also want to mention that although we are not physically close to Istanbul anymore, our hearts are close. We are so heartbroken by the recent events and the inhumanity of it all. We continue to pray and mourn the losses of the victims and their families. It is so bizarre to think that we stood right where the atrocities happened about one week ago. We pray for peace. We pray for security. We pray for love. 
See all of you soon.  

Much love,