June 28- Ephesus and Patmos

I’m on my first cruise. It was never on my bucket list but I love travel and exploring new things so a Greek cruise it is.

This morning we left early for Ephesus, a town where Paul visited more than once and where he lived for two years. Ephesus is as an ancient city with much of the city still there, though much of it is in bits and pieces. We saw large Roman baths and communal toilets. Wouldn’t you know it that the toilets survived 2000 years! We also saw a hospital, gymnasium, homes, shops and the Temple of Artemis. The two story library is beautiful. It was awe-inspiring to see the theater where Paul spoke to any who would listen about Jesus the Lord of all. His message and the work of the Holy Spirit helped grow a vital church there. But there were many who felt threatened financially by anyone who suggested Artemis was not supreme. We also saw the church where an ecumenical council helped iron out Christology.

 We got on the cruise ship hoping to see the monastery of John where he wrote Revelation but it was sold out. We were disappointed but we went ashore to check out Patmos.

Today I am thankful for brave people who have great faith in God, both in the first century and now. I pray that the Spirit will continue to make us brave for Christ’s sake.

I am grateful and tired! It’s been a great day.