June 27- Anna’s Thoughts 

Hello from Kusadasi!

This city is magnificent. We are so very blessed to have this grant. 

This morning, my family and I went to the ancient city of Pergamon. We rode a tram to the Acropolis and explored the many different buildings within. Diddy was giddy to see a library (of course). 

We went to lunch in a local restaurant. It was a different experience because we were the only non-locals. Usually, there are a few different languages in any given restaurant. We visited one of the first research hospitals. It was awesome! Then we ate some ice cream and chatted with some merchants near the site. After that, we went to a museum that contained some artifacts that had been discovered in Pergamon. It was insane how elaborate they were. 

Then our trek to Ephesus began. We drove for a few hours and ended up here.

 This hotel is amazing!!! It’s luxurious and relaxing, the Perfect combination. We ate a poolside dinner and swam as a family for a while. It was really, really fun. We haven’t played together in a pool since I was much younger, so this gave me lots of joy. 

Theaters. At Pergamon and the Asclepion were some breathtaking theaters. Pergamon’s theater use to seat thousands of people on benches built into the hillside. The one at the Asclepion was used for music treatment in sick patients. I was astounded by the beauty and remarkable craftsmanship of these places. The architecture of theaters in general is really fascinating to me. Theater is an ancient practice that links all different countries, languages, backgrounds, and even time periods. 

I’m excited for all we have coming tomorrow. Every day on this trip is an amazing experience. I’m so grateful for these opportunities and the time I’m spending with my family. I miss you all, and I will see you soon. 

Much love,