June 26- Anna’s Thoughts

Hi friends!What a cool day. We woke up early and jumped in the van. We drove for six hours not including the stops we made. Speaking of which, Turkish gas stations get five stars. They are SO clean, well organized, and reasonably priced. They even had a whole toy section for the kiddos. 

After our journey, we ended up in Troy. We ate some lunch and ice cream at a small restaurant near the site. Diddy met the writer of some books he bought about the city, as the writer is also the owner of the restaurant! We discussed Troy and its history. We laughed so hard with each other. 

Troy was incredible. There have been nine different Troys, and pieces of each one are visible around the small city. I think that Chicago needs to lose its title of “The Windy City”. Troy was SO windy. I could barely see from all the hair in my face! It was a funny quirk that I will remember. Then we drank some waters that we bought from the gift shop and talked with our guide John, who has been with us the entire time in Istanbul.

On our way to our next village, we got to see an ancient theater. I’m a huge theatre kid, so that was amazing to see. I was inspired and felt a strong connection to the site because of the similarities it had to modern theaters. 

After Troy and the theater, we drove down to a small village called Assos. Diddy, Mumsy, Charissa, and I went down to the tiny beach to swim and relax. It was relaxing, even though three of us stepped on sea urchins.  While we were getting ready for dinner, a huge thunderstorm erupted. The power went out in the hotel! It was really cool, yet I could tell how anxious it made the staff. When the power came back on, we ate dinner inside at the hotel’s small restaurant. It was delicious and we enjoyed ourselves very much. Assos is so incredibly beautiful, and I hope you get to see it one day. 

Tomorrow, we are going to the ancient city of Pergamon. I’m excited to see the place that my family members and I saw artifacts from at the Met.