June 25- Anna’s Thoughts

Hello again! We have completed yet another great day in Turkey. I really enjoyed every part of our day. Everywhere we went, I was astounded by the incredibly views. 

I loved learning about the culture and history of Istanbul throughout the day. I got to learn about all different sultans and the Ottoman Empire while standing where they would have once upon a time. 

We ate at some delicious locations today. We had a beautiful breakfast in the hotel, including Turkish “Cocoa Puffs”. For lunch, we ate at the most breathtaking restaurant right on the water. For dinner we dined at a top level restaurant overlooking the city. The only thing about dinner was that mumsy didn’t get her salmon until all of us had finished eating! It was really funny, and quite frustrating. 

Animals. Everywhere in Istanbul there are animals. Birds swarm by the water. Dogs and cats walk around in the streets. We even met a cat with one eye and named him Jack. However, he didn’t like me and attempted to bite me on the foot. I love dogs, so I was happy to see cute ones in the street. In the city, all the dogs get tagged and immunized so they weren’t dangerous. I personally liked finding one with a head bob, as it reminded me of my beloved Zac. 

I can’t wait to go to Troy tomorrow. I have to read the Illiad this summer, so seeing where it takes place will be awesome.