July 9- Vatican City

Today our adventures centered around the Vatican. We began the morning, though, with breakfast that looked a lot like lunch: panini sandwiches and salad. We then headed out for a park that we expected would give us a fabulous view. The view was great but the walk was a bit crazy and included walking through an automobile tunnel. 
In the afternoon we went to the Vatican Museum. Wow! It makes the Met in New York look tiny. In fact, there was more art than we could look at. There was a tremendous crowd and the push of humanity was overwhelming at times. We did have a few minutes in the Sistene Chapel. I’ve always wanted to go there so that was a great joy. 

Next we went inside St. Peter’s Basilica. It is designed to lift our attention upward to God, with awe and gratitude. I felt just that. We found a side chapel for a quiet time of prayer. 

After having been at all sorts of pagan temples, it is clear that early Christians adopted and modified some of their architecture and art. I suppose the message is, “Jesus is Lord. Worship and obey him. He has ultimate power “. Even outside in the plaza, there were dozens of Greek columns with statues atop. Instead of the Greek gods like Zeus and Hera, there were statues of popes and saints. 

Tonight Gordon is taking Anna to the opera. I will take the older two out in search of fettuccini Alfredo. 

Tomorrow: St. Paul’s church. His journey ended here in Rome. We will think about that. 

Blessed Sabbath!