July 8- Rome

Did you know it is hot and crowded in Rome in July? Sure is. It’s clear that we were spoiled in Turkey and Greece where tourism is way down. There is no sign of that here!

After a nice breakfast in our hotel, we headed out to begin site seeing with the Colosseum. We saw tour busses and lots of people and lines. We finally broke down and hired a guide. Guides get to have their people bypass many of the lines so we basically bought our way out of a two our wait in the hot sun! The tour was worth it. The guide explained how the colosseum was used for political purposes. The gladiatorial games, military reenactments, and public executions all signaled the power of the Emperor. 

After lunch and buying more bottles of water we visited the Palatino including a great museum of art and artifacts, saw the Forum, cooled down with gelato, and walked back to our hotel. From there we took a taxi van to a neighborhood next to the Vatican for our apartment. 

The washer is working on a second load of clothes and in a little while we will walk around our new neighborhood and find a restaurant for dinner.