July 5, more personal posts

Day two of Work:

I had the opportunity to wail on a school wall with an ax (for a good cause) for a solid hour. It was tiring but rewarding work and now the walls are almost ready to be tiled. I am glad that our group had the opportunity to give back to the people instead of simply receiving. As the trip nears its end, I am incredibly grateful for the chance to not only see the holy land but to also to gain a deeper understanding of the Israeli conflict while helping, in some small way, to be an agent of peace through the Mar Elias school.

-Peter M.


Hello to all the parents and others reading this!

Your kids (whatever age, young adults included) are just amazing.  They have pitched in with enthusiasm and lots of singing, enjoyed the learning and the work and swimming, and most of all this has been a trip full of wonder for all of us.  It is so much fun to rediscover how great our community is by spending time together.  Have no worries – we are taking care of them as they are taking care of us.

– Tica




It’s so exciting to visit all the Biblical places Jesus lived and walked and do it with my church family members. Nancy, Gordon and David have been here many times and shared their knowledge with us. We’ve laughed, praised the Lord in song and prayer, climbed mountains, worshiped in different churches, played , went floating in the Dead Sea, swam in the Mediterranean Sea, been baptized in the Jordan River, and took a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, to name a few experiences. What a “once in a lifetime” opportunity! I feel so blessed.

— Ginny Manzer


Hello Again to All,  This trip is coming to an end soon .  I  think an inter-generational trip is the way to go!!!  I have had  so much amazing  feelings seeing all the Biblical places.  I have managed to get used to the toilet paper rules.   We are one busy and tired group.  Drinking more water than I ever thought I would.   See you all soon.

–Evelyn Marion


Hello to my wonderful friends at PPC,

We listened to Elias Abu Ghanima (Director of the Mar Elias High School) this morning talk about the spirit of reconciliation for which we (ok, I) have hungered.  This has been a wonderful trip!  Love to you all.

– Andrea McDonough


Shout out to my mom & dad! love you guys … and Happy Birthday, Dad!

– Colleen T. (Cal)