July 2- Mycenae, Epidarus, and Olympia

I am writing this blog poolside at a beautiful hotel in Olympia. Anna is cooling off in the water and Charissa is kicking back with a novel. Gordon has walked into town to refill at an ATM. 
We joined a tour group of about 30 people this morning. We will be with them until Tuesday. They appear to come from many countries but all speak English. Our first stop today was to Epidarus. It is famous for having an open air theater that seats about 15 thousand with perfect acoustics. We marvel at the technology of ancient people!

Next we went to Mycenae. We saw Europe’s oldest known monument. Schliemann excavated here in the 1800s finding Agamemnon’s Royal Palace and the amazing Beehive Tombs, thus proving that Homer’s Iliad was based on a real war. 

We are in a different region of Greece now. We drove through the Arkadian mountains and along the Ionian Sea. It has been interesting to peek inside small town life after a day in metropolitan Athens. Tomorrow we explore Olympia and the history of the Olympic Games. Paul knew the power of sport and referred to it several times. 

Time for dinner. One last thing: Cicadas are chirping loudly!