July 1- Athens and Corinth

This morning we disembarked our cruise ship. We had a great time and the staff were all friendly and helpful. Outside the terminal in Athens we waited for over an hour, looking at all the folks holding up signs until one arrived holding the “MIkoski” sign. Our guide was excellent and well worth waiting for. 
We immediately left Athens for Corinth, about 90 minutes away. We climbed to the top of the ancient fortress, a place Paul certainly knew by experience. We drove a bit further to the site of the Roman city of Corinth where Paul worked as a tent maker and shared the good news of Jesus. 

Corinth was a city of the world, being located at a strategic spot at the crossroads of two bodies of water and two lands. People from many countries gathered to sell and trade. They brought a diversity of culture and prosperity with them. Paul worked hard to help new followers of Christ overcome social barriers, to appreciate each member of the Body of Christ, and to love with the kind of love described in I Corinthians 13. This is a message for us, too. I am so grateful to have been in Corinth!

We drove back to Athens to our hotel. Late in the afternoon we took taxis to the Parthenon. It was fabulous. It took me back to studies in the 11th grade! We could see Mars Hill where Paul spoke to a crowd of folks who loved to hear new ideas. He told them that their “unknown God” is Jesus. You can read the story in Acts 17:22-31  

Seeing the geography, the architecture and art of Paul’s world is really helpful. I’m looking forward to sharing my discoveries with you when we return.