Guam USA

Flag of Guam USA

Pagat, Guam, USA

Country Guam  (Link to the map of Guam in the Pacific)
Continent Oceania (Pacific Island)
Capital Hagatna
Population 169,885
Language English and Chamorro
Religion Roman Catholic (75%), Protestant (12.5%)
Terrain Divided into 2 parts: limestone plateau with elevation of about 500 feet and a higher area of volcanic hills
Sports Rugby, soccer, judo and canoeing

Birthplace of the Pacific Extreme Combat, a mixed martial arts organization

Animals Brown snakes are an invasive species from New Guinea that have caused the extinction of at least a dozen species of birds and endangered several more

Giant African Land Snails


Facts of Interest Guam is an unincorporated territory of the United States

Beaches in Guam are not made of sand-they are coral

Guam’s economy is mostly supported by Tourism and the US Military

Guam was also bombed on December 7, 1941-just 4 hours after the attack in Pearl Harbor

Concerns Fragile drinking water infrastructure that is at risk of contamination

Wastewater treatment plants are often not up to standards

Expected increase in population due to military expansion could further stress resources on the island

Mission Faith Presbyterian Christian Reformed Church of Guam is located on Guam

Guam serves as home base to transmit the Gospel through radio and other media to areas where it is difficult for missionaries to travel. The transmissions reach East Asia, Southeast Asia, and other islands in the Pacific.