Pennington Presbyterian is a church providing its members and the wider community opportunities for growth and educational enrichment as individuals, as families and as diverse groups of special interest.  

Pennington Presbyterian provides a firm foundation for opportunities in spiritual development, biblical literacy, church history, service to those in need, Christian fellowship, and ecumenical knowledge. We strive together to nurture the growth and spiritual development of our children and grandchildren – helping each one to become a loving, caring child of God.

We nurture and support our young people passing through middle school and high school, each on the brink of adulthood, and growing in the knowledge that their church family is and always will be there for them.

And we are a church family with a deep commitment to our older adults, encouraging their lifelong learning as children of God. They are a vital group with rich wisdom and perspective to be shared with members of all ages. Our members benefit from such inter-generational opportunities, whether as scheduled programs or in serendipitous conversation. Our Older Adults Ministry is an active group of seniors coordinating and providing year-long programs of education, support, and personal enrichment.