Flag of Gibraltar

The Gibraltar Barbary macaques


Country Gibraltar  (Link to map of Gibraltar)
Continent Europe
Capital Gibraltar
Population 29,328
Language English (used in schools and for official purposes), Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
Religion Roman Catholic (78%), Church of England (7%), Muslim (4%)
Terrain Narrow coastal lowland, borders the Rock of Gibraltar
Sports Soccer (applied for membership in UEFA in 2007, but were rejected due to Spain’s vowing to boycott any event that involved Gibraltar); Track and Field; Cricket; Darts
Animals Apes of Gibraltar (actually monkeys but only wild monkeys found in Europe) & Barbary macaques which are really monkeys

Dolphins and Whales

Mammals include rabbits, fox, bats and migrating birds

Various migrating birds, including candytuft also found in North America

Facts of Interest Gibraltar is a self-governing overseas territory of the UK; historically it has had many rulers including Spain and Morocco; Britain assumed control after the failed War of Spanish Succession when Archduke Charles of Austria tried to become King of Spain as a result of Treaty of Utrecht; After Suez Canal was opened, it was clear to Britain that Gibraltar was important to the British Empire

Famous for Rock of Gibraltar-a massive limestone promontory. Most of the upper part of the rock is a nature reserve

Gibraltar is a popular tourist destination for day visitors from resorts in Spain and cruise ship stop.

Evidence of Neanderthal found in Gorham’s Cave that dates back to 24,000-28,000 BCE

Concerns Spain still asserts a claim to the territory which is a major point of contention in their relations with the UK (Gibraltarians overwhelmingly rejected a referendum proposing joint sovereignty with UK and Spain in 2002). In 2013, Spain tried to influence daily lives of inhabitants with a new border tax and airspace closure.

Gibraltar overwhelmingly rejected the “Brexit” proposal in 2016, while the UK accepted it. This renewed calls for joint Spanish-British control from Spain, but Gibraltarians still resist.

World Health Organization (WHO) showed Gibraltar had the worst air quality of any British territory in 2016. Major pollution sources are power plans and motor vehicles.

Water supply and sanitation has been a major issue because there are no rivers, streams or large bodies of fresh water. Capturing rain water failed as the population grew in the 19th century. Today, drinking water is supplied via large scale desalination.

In August 2016, sanitation was an issue that closed the Western Beach.

Mission The Methodism in Gibraltar was established in 1789, led by a British soldier Henry Ince. Methodist education increase significantly in the 1830’s under missionary work of William Harris Rule and his wife. Today, this work continues with a much broader focus on the whole Gibraltar community.

The Presbyterian church has a small but dedicated congregation which is mostly comprised of expatriates.