The romantic Rhine River.

Flag of Germany


Country Germany  (Link to map of Germany)
Continent Europe
Capital Berlin
Population 80.62 million
Language German
Religion Protestant 34%; Roman Catholic 34%; Other or unspecified 28.3%; Muslim 3.7%;

Mormon 1.7%

Terrain Lowlands in north; uplands in center; Alps in south
Sports Fussball – Soccer or Football. Golf. Ice hockey. Basketball. Motorsport – especially Formula 1. Handball. Tennis. Skiing
Animals Adders, Alpine ibexes, asp vipers, badgers, buzzards, chamois, deer, foxes, European hamsters, fat dormice, greylag geese, hares, harbor seals, herons, hedgehogs, mallards, marmots, martens, moles, muskrats, mice, owls, pheasants, mute swans, raccoons, rats, shrews, squirrels, storks and wild boars.
Facts of Interest Largest population in the European union

Germany’s population is on the decline losing over 2 million people in the last decade

Berlin is nine times the size of Paris

About a quarter of all American citizens claim at least partial German ancestry.

The Germans can be credited for the discovery of insulin, the invention of the clarinet, the pocket watch, the automated calculator, the light bulb, television (partly), paraffin, petrol/gasoline & Diesel engines, the automobile (as well as the engine, differential gear and other important devices), the motorcycle, the jet engine, the LCD screen and the Walkman.

Germany is one of the last Western European countries not to have banned smoking in workplaces, and restaurants. One of the political reason for this is that the Nazi officially frowned on smoking, and post-war German legislators have been afraid of imitating Nazi regulations.

Germans are among the most avid recyclers. According to a BBC survey, Germany had the third highest recycling rate (48% of waste recycled), only just surpassed by its Swiss and Austrian neighbors.

Concerns Germany is struggling to reunify between the East and West. The standard of living in Germany is much lower in the East than the West. The unemployment rates also greatly differentiate from the East to the West (East being higher)

Another major problem Germany is experiencing is an increase in the high school dropout rate and an increase in the amount of bullying seen in elementary and middle schools. This is often attributed to the struggles many of the students face at home affecting them at school.

Mission ABWE (The Association of Baptists for World Evangelism) is trying to establish churches in Eastern Germany with The Church Planting Program, they have “planted” or replanted 10 different churches in Germany.
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