Flag of Georgia

A country of mountains and valleys


Country ●     Georgia
Continent ●     Located on the Asian continent but they consider themselves part of Europe
Capital ●     Tbilisi
Population ●     3.72 million
Language ●     Russian and Georgian
Religion ●     83% Eastern Orthodox, 10% Muslim, 3% Armenian Apostolic, 1% Roman Catholic
Terrain ●     Mostly mountains, with a coastline on the Black Sea
Sports ●     Soccer, basketball, rugby union, wrestling, judo and weightlifting
Animals ●     Georgia has a rich diversity of wildlife.  Including the striped hyena, the Persian leopard, the steppe wolf and the goat-like east Caucasian tur.
Facts of Interest ●     Georgia is not called Georgia by it’s natives, but rather Sakartvelo.  It is believed that Crusaders coming through Georgia gave it the name due to the natives’ devotion to St. George (Georgia’s patron saint).

●     Georgia was the birthplace of Stalin

●     The Caucasus Mountains are the highest range in Europe.  Shkara, in Georgia, is the second highest mountain in the range and is higher than Mont Blanc by over 400m

Concerns ●     Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Georgia has been plagued with poverty, corruption and strife.  There is a very contentious relationship with Russia and internal conflict with separatist regions Abkhazia and South Ossetia.  Periods of civil war have flared up and continue to flare up.
Mission ●     Pray for peace

●     Pray for an end to corruption in Georgia

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