French Southern Territories

Flag of French Southern Territories

Location of French Southern Territories



French Southern Territories – or French Southern and Antarctic Lands – or Scattered Islands of the Indian Ocean  (Link to map of French Southern Territories)

France exercises sovereignty over this territory – Euro is the currency

Continent ·   A group of islands equidistant between Africa, Madagascar, Antarctica, and Australia in the Southern Ocean
Capital ·   Saint-Pierre
Population ·   200 to 2000 who stay from 6 months to a year

·   no indigenous people

·   All residents are transient so no voters nor elected officials

Language ·   French – or that of the current researchers
Religion ·   n/a
Terrain ·   very harsh environment especially in winter

·   many extinct volcanos

·   there are no ports or harbors, just offshore anchorages – a ship brings supplies 4 times a year to this area

·   4 or the islands have a small airport but no commercial flights – flights are arranged for the scientists and researchers

·   There are no public accommodations

Sports ·   n/a
Animals ·   natural resources are limited to fish and crustaceans and both are poached by foreign fleets. So the French navy patrols the area to arrest the poaching vessels and the fines are severe
Facts of Interest ·   the economic activity is servicing meteorological and geophysical research stations and the French and other fishing fleets

·   this territory contains the only land mass that is antipodal to the contiguous United States – a small area in Montana and another in SE Colorado

Concerns ·   the location and the environment – and the policing of the vast area for poaching which results in severe over-fishing
Mission ·   n/a
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