Fourth of July — Personal posts

After our first morning of hard work at the school, we had a wonderful afternoon swimming in the Mediterranean Sea and enjoyed a barbeque dinner. That’s my kind of Fourth of July celebration!

— Ellen White


Hello Parental Unit, Pop, Emma, and Charlie! I hope you all are having a fantabulous 4th of July. I have had a wonderful time here in the past week and cannot wait to tell you more about it. The Fun Committee Activities (FCA) have been a huge success and we did a special states and capitals game for the celebration of our country’s birth. I love all of you and will see you soon!

— Linnea Compton (Shenea-nea) 😉


Hello Parents, Annika and everyone else. Hope you guys had a great 4th of July. You could say I had the same. Not sleeping in has been a challenge but we are getting up for a good reason, remodeling a high school in Ibillin. We do get our reward, swimming in the Mediterranean. Can’t wait to show you my thousands of pictures.

— Vann Adrian-Hage


Greetings, Pennington Family and anyone else visiting the site! Thank you for being our traveling companions in prayer and support throughout this experience. It’s been an incredible one that we can’t wait to share. See you soon!

— Caroline Neuman


Hello All,  This is a fabulous trip.  All are having a great time.  Today we are working at the school and swimming in the Mediterranean.   Everything is great.

— Evelyn Marion