A sampling of the 2018 tour “In the Footsteps of St. Paul”

July 10 – Departure in the late evening for Athens

July 11 – Arrive in Athens and get acclimated

July 11: The group assemblies during tour of Athens.









July 12 – Tour Corinth which was the most important city in St. Paul’s era

  • See where St. Paul worked with Aquila and Priscilla and where his trial took place and other sites
  • See also some pre-Christian sites like the Temple of Zeus
  • Return to Athens to see the Acropolis and Parthenon and other sites

July 12: At the Acropolis








July 13 – Start of a three-day Aegean Sea cruise by visiting Mykonos

July 14 – Arrive at the Turkish resort of Kusadasi with a shore excursion
to Ephesus

  • Visit the important city where Paul lived and taught for 3 years and see the Temple of Artemis, the Stadium and the Library of Celsus and the Covered Bazar
  • Visit Patmos Island and see the monastery of St. John, where John received inspiration for the Book of Revelation

July 14: A stop at Epehsus in Turkey

July 14: Ephesus

July 14: Ephesus









July 15 – Arrive in Heraklion, Crete and also visit Santorini

  • Tour Palace of Knossos in the ancient realm of King Minos, the site of the legendary Minotaur and the underground Labyrinth
  • Get a close up of the rugged, volcanic cliffs of Santorini with its brilliant white houses and roofs the color of the sea in the town of Thera

July 15: Crete









July 16 – Arrive back in the Athens area

  • Drive through Thebes, Levadia and to Delphi made famous in the ancient world for the Oracle of Delphi
  • See the Bronze Charioteer statue
  • Visit the Temple of Apollo, the Theatre, the Athenian Treasury and the Castalian Spring
  • Drive to Kalambaka by way of Larissa, Larnia and Trikala

July 16: Fun at Delphi

July 16: Gordon, one of the tour guides, sharing with the group

July 16: Delphi









July 16: Delphi









July 17 – Tour the Kalambaka and Thessaloniki areas

  • Visit Meteora to see the Hanging Monasteries
  • Drive through Kozani and Veria to visit the tomb of Philip of Macedonia in Vergina
  • See the Rotonda, Triumphal Arch of Galerius, and the White Tower at the seafront at the seafront promenade along the route from Edessa to Thessaloniki

July 18 – Spend a day in Thessaloniki and Philippi

  • See the Lion Statue at Amphipholis
  • Go to Philippi where Marc Anthony defeated Brutus and St. Paul first preached the Gospel in Europe
  • See the ruins of two Basilicas, the theatre, the Prison of St. Paul and the river where Lydia was baptized. Worship at this site including a renewal of baptism and communion
  • Visit Kavala before returning to Thessaloniki

July 18: At Philippi

July 18: Near where Lydia was baptized

July 18: Renewal of Baptism and taking communion where Lydia was baptized – the most personally meaningful stop and event for the tour members










July 19 – Spend the last day in Greece in Athens and the Valley of Tempi
and Thermopylae

July 20 – Leave Greece and arrive back in New Jersey the same day