Flag of Finland

Koli National Park, North Korelia, Finland







Country Finland   (Link to map of Finland)
Continent Europe
Capital Helsinki
Population 5,498,211
Language Finnish and Swedish
Religion Lutheran, Orthodox, 25% other or none
Terrain Mostly low, flat to rolling plains interspersed with lakes and low hills, heavily forested
Sports Ice hockey, soccer, skiing

Ski Jump (most successful nation in the sport in Olympics-10 gold, 8 silver and 4 bronze)

Animals Saimaa Ringed Seal (world’s rarest seal-found only in Lake Saimaa

Bears, wolves, lynx, and eagles

Whooper Swan (National Bird of Finland)

Facts of Interest Finland is ranked #1 in the world in education

The people of Finland drink more coffee per capita than any other country in the world (12kg/person/year

In June and July, the sun never drops below the horizon and in the winter, the sun never reaches the horizon

It is the norm for homes in Finland to have saunas

According to statistics from 2012, Finland is the least corrupt government in the world

Concerns Many of Finland’s concerns are environmental: air pollution is contributing to acid rain and water pollution is habitat loss threatens wildlife populations

Finland (like much of Europe) has been facing economic decline over the past several years. Nokia was a major contributor to the economy, but has been in decline, along with the paper industry, which is another leading industry in the country

Mission The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland is the national church of Finland and over 70% of the country are members.
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