El Salvador

Flag of El Salvador

Flag of El Salvador

Convict (

Convict (“Zebra”) Cichlid


Country El Salvador  (Link to map of El Salvaror)
Continent North America (Central America)
Capital San Salvador
Population 6.15 million
Language Spanish
Religion Roman Catholic (57%) and Protestant (21%)
Terrain Mostly mountains with narrow coastal belt and central plateau
Sports Soccer





Animals Ocelots

Convict (or Zebra) Cichlid fish

Facts of Interest El Salvador is the most densely populated country in Central America

Has one of the highest mobile phone densities in the world (125 phones for every 100 people)

The largest shopping mall in Central American is located in El Salvador

Concerns Identified as country where active transmission of Zika was present

Significant use of cocaine

Transshipment point for cocaine trade

Mission One Great Hour of Sharing supports an anti-hunger program in El Salvador

PC USA mission workers supported efforts to rediscover ojushte trees, which are becoming an important source of food as a great source of proteins and vitamins. These are also known as ‘Maya Nut’ trees, although they are not nuts and don’t have any of the allergens. One adult tree can produce up to 800 lbs of food/yerar, and will remain productive for more than 100 years.

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