Dominican Republic

Flag of Dominican Republic

Flag of Dominican Republic

Coastal Dominican Republic

Coastal Dominican Republic






Country Dominican Republic (D.R.)
Continent Caribbean, eastern two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola (Haiti is the western third of the island)
Capital Santo Domingo
Population About 10.6 million
Language Spanish
Religion Roman Catholic 95%, Other 5%
Terrain Rugged highlands and mountains interspersed with fertile valleys
Sports Baseball is the D.R.’s passion. Football (soccer) and boxing are also important.
Animals The wildlife in the D.R. is diverse and tropical. It includes the Hispaniolan Solenodon (it is a nocturnal burrowing mammal, see photo), dwarf Gecko (smallest lizard in world), rhinoceros iguana (threatened), frogs (large capaud, tiny tree frogs), snakes (four types, non-venomous) – including boa constrictors, bats (13 species), butterflies (more than 50 species), Hispaniolan hutia, and American crocodile.
Facts of Interest David Ortiz (recently retired from Boston Red Sox) is from the D.R.

Christopher Columbus landed on this island in 1492.

The Dominican Republic has been independent since the 1800s after being ruled by Haiti and Spain.

Concerns Mosquitoes carry dengue fever and Zika virus

Food and waterborne diseases include bacterial diarrhea, hepatitis A and typhoid fever

31% unemployment with marked income inequality

People of Haitian descent living in D.R for generations are being “repatriated” and sent to Haiti. Haitians are seen as taking resources and jobs from D.R. citizens.

D.R. provided relief to Haiti for their 2012 earthquake and are providing aid to Haiti after Hurricane Matthew, even though D.R., itself, suffered greatly from Hurricane Matthew.

Mission Trinity Presbyterian Church in East Brunswick, NJ, has a Dominican Republic Mission Group. Since 2011, they visit the D.R. regularly to meet physical, medical and spiritual needs of the impoverished. Elders, doctors, nurses and others offer health clinics, provide help to an orphanage, and give aid to many others. They bring suitcases filled with antibiotics, vitamins, pain relievers, band-aids and other medical supplies. They would love any donations for this mission work!
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