Flag of Croatia

Flag of Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia






Country Republic of Croatia (Republika Hrvatska) (Link to Map of Croatia)
Continent Europe
Capital Zagreb
Population About 4.5 million
Language Croatian (official) 95.6%, Serbian 1.2%, other 3% (including Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, and Albanian), unspecified 0.2%
Religion Roman Catholic 86.3%, Orthodox 4.4%, Muslim 1.5%, other 1.5%, unspecified 2.5%, not religious or atheist 3.8%
Terrain Flat plains along Hungarian border, low mountains and highlands near Adriatic coastline and islands
Sports Soccer is the most popular sport, and handball is the second most popular

Croatians believe the Olympics are very important, and have won medals in handball, basketball, water polo, and several other events.

Animals Inland: wolf, lynx, bear, wild boar, elk, deer, and other animals that live in woods and mountains

Atlantic and grey dolphins live off Croatia’s shore in the Adriatic Sea

Facts of Interest Kolinda Grabar-Kitavorić is the 4th president of Croatia and the first female president.

Croatia was a part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire through WWI, after which it became known as Yugoslavia.

Became independent of Yugoslavia in 1991, joined NATO in 2009 and EU in 2013.

King Tomislav reigned from 910 to 928 as the Duke of Dalmatia and the First King of Croatia (see in photo above his statue in Zagreb.)

Concerns Acid rain from air pollution by metallurgical production sites is damaging forests

Land mine removal and reconstruction is continuing since the 1992-1995 civil strife

Refugees from the middle east transited through Croatia and they still have about 500.

Mission The Presbyterian Mission Agency donates to Evangelical Theological Seminary in Osijek, Croatia. This is the largest Protestant school in Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union to offer a fully accredited Masters of Divinity.
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