Flag of Chad

Image of Lake Chad from Apollo 7






Country Chad
Continent Africa
Capital N’Djamena
Population 12.83 million
Language French – Arabic – plus many dialects
Religion Muslim 53%  Catholic 20% Protestant 14%  animist 7.3%
Terrain A landlocked semi-desert country in north central Africa, rich in gold, uranium and oil and is the 5th largest African nation

Chad is twice the size of Texas

Lake Chad is shrinking in size and is now 20% of former size in 1960

Sports Soccer is most popular.  Basketball and freestyle wrestling are also played – the latter where they wear traditional animal hides and cover themselves with dust
Animals Carnivore population  – especially the lions, leopards and rhino – has been drastically reduced because of loss of natural habitat due to extensive deforestation

Elephant poaching is a huge problem

Facts of Interest Chad gained independence from France in 1960, but their history of instability and violence stems from tension between the mainly Arab-Muslim north and the predominately Christian and animist south.

Chad has inadequate infrastructure, much internal conflict, great poverty, much corruption

Health and social conditions are poor.

TV and most radio are state owned so coverage favors the government

Millet is the staple food in all areas of the country

Polygamy is sanctioned by law with 39% of women living in such unions

Concerns It is one of the poorest and most corrupt countries in the world

More than half of the population is illiterate

There is a huge humanitarian crisis as Chad hosts many refugees and displace persons from several areas

Domestic violence is common

Female genital mutilation is prohibited, but the practice is widespread – 45% of Chadian women undergo this procedure

Mission TEAM Chad has a “Vulnerable Women Ministries Initiative” – ministering and educating this abused and vulnerable group.  They are part of the Global Alliance of Churches and Missionaries

Presbyterians have no church/ministry in Chad