Central African Republic

Boali Falls in Central African Republic

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Country Central African Republic
Continent Africa
Capital Bangui
Population 5,391,539
Language French (official), Sangho, tribal languages
Religion Indigenous beliefs, Protestant, Catholic, Muslim
Terrain Vast, flat to rolling plateau; scattered hills in northeast and southwest
Sports Soccer
Animals Western Lowland Gorilla


African elephants


Facts of Interest The country gained its independence from France in 1960

Most of the country’s population is engaged in subsistence farming

Uncut diamonds and timber are sources of export revenue

Concerns The government has been really unstable for decades and lawlessness and violence persists throughout much of the country and people are fleeing across the border.

There are regularly clashes between the army and rebel groups, Genocide is a concern

There are tensions and violence between ethnic and religious groups

Human trafficking is a huge problem-adults and children are sold into forced labor, sexual slavery, domestic servitude and military service. The Central African Republic does not comply with minimum standards to eliminate trafficking.

This week, a peacekeeper from Senegal serving on a UN operation, was shot and killed.

Mission Since the 1920s, hundreds of churches have been built, Scripture has been translated into Sangho, hospitals have been established and Bible Schools have trained pastors and other workers
Sources CIA

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