Cayman Islands

Flag of Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman has miles of white beaches and clear water for snorkeling.

Country Cayman Islands  (Link to map of Cayman Islands)
Continent North America
Capital George Town
Population 56,092
Language English
Religion Mostly Protestant, also some Catholic and Jehovah’s Witnesses
Terrain Group of 3 islands, low-lying limestone base, surrounded by coral reefs
Sports Soccer, netball, cricket, track & field, swimming and sailing
Animals Blue Iguana

5 endemic species of butterflies

2 endemic species of parrots-Grand Cayman Parrot and Cuban Amazon

Facts of Interest No freshwater sources-water needs must be met by rainwater catchments

There are no property, income or sales taxes on the island

When Christopher Columbus discovered the islands, he originally called them “Las Tortugas” (Spanish for turtle) because the islands were so full of turtles

Concerns Major off-shore financial center-is vulnerable to drug transshipment to US and Europe

The most pressing problems stem from rapid immigration. There is ongoing debate about what the requirements should be for citizenship. Right now, foreigners may be granted 1 year work permit but have to reapply every year.

Mission Several churches (including the Presbyterian Church of Jamaica and Grand Cayman) merged to form the United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands. The United Church maintains a strong tradition of cooperation with other denominations and is actively engaged in the development and consolidation of institutions and churches. The UCJCI has also pioneered projects in community development, vocational training, children’s homes, and a rehabilitation home for older prisoners. It has been in the forefront in the fight against social evils like gambling, promiscuity and economic injustices. It is deeply concerned about the plight of the less fortunate, especially in the cities, and has been involved in special ministries to the urban poor. The church is actively involved in education in both Cayman and Jamaica. In addition to playing a major role in helping to establish the foundation for the systems that exist today, the UCJCI continues to make significant contributions to education at all levels in the two societies.
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