Map of Cambodia

Angkor Wat, built in 1220 AD, as the home of the Khmer kings, who ruled most of Southeast Asia. The temples honor the Hindu god Vishnu. The main temple and a few of the 108 towers are on the Cambodian flag.











Country Kingdom of Cambodia
Continent Asia (Southeast, bordering the Gulf of Thailand between Thailand, Vietnam and Laos)
Capital Phnom Penh
Population About 16 million, taking into account the high death rate from HIV/AIDS
Language Khmer
Religion Buddhist (official), with less than 4% other
Terrain Mostly low, flat plains; mountains in southwest and north, about 56% tropical forest
Sports Bokator (a form of kickboxing)

Sepak Takraw (very much like volley ball but with a rattan ball)

Recently, football (soccer)

Animals Predators include dholes (Asiatic wild dog), panthers, bears and tigers

Elephants, deer, oxen, and many birds (cranes, parrots, etc.)

Snakes – venomous and constrictors

Facts of Interest A river dolphin, the Irrawaddy Dolphin, is an endangered species that lives in the Mekong River.

A few refugees from Iran who arrived at Australia by boat were found to be real refugees but not allowed into Australia.  Australia paid Cambodia to take six of these refugees.  Four of the refugees have decided to return to Iran.

Concerns Cambodia is trying to recover from over 25 years of civil wars, including Pol Pot’s genocide of 2 million citizens, as well as past occupations by Vietnam, Japan, and France.

Many Cambodians enter into HUMAN trafficking, with many men forced into fishing by Thai recruiters.

Narcotics-related military corruption is high.

Mission PC-USA is involved with “Life Project for Rural Cambodians,” a mission initiative that seeks to bring medical care, school supplies, and clean water to communities throughout Cambodia