Flag of Bermuda

Sailing in Bermuda


Country Bermuda     (Link to map of Bermuda)
Continent North American (Island)
Capital Hamilton
Population 65,024 (World Bank, 2013)
Language Bermudan English (exhibits characteristics of British, West Indian and American English)
Religion Mostly Protestant (mix of Anglican, AME and others), also Catholic, and other Christian. About 25% report none or are unspecified.
Terrain Low Hills separated by fertile depressions. The climate is subtropical, mild and humid. Strong winds are common in winter.
Sports Cricket and Soccer are the most popular sports.

Cricket has a 2-day holiday (not including the weekend) dedicated to it called the Cup Match.

Bermuda has the most golf courses per square mile in the world

Animals There are very few native species of reptiles and amphibians that are native to Bermuda and only 1 mammal (bats)

One endemic species is the Bermuda petrel. This bird was thought to be extinct since the 1620’s, but in 1951, researchers discovered 18 breeding pairs and began a program to protect and preserve the species.

Facts of Interest Bermuda has a deep history of pirates. In the 1700’s there were few natural resources on the island other than cedar trees for ships, so they turned to piracy. This tradition died out in the 1800’s.

Bermuda has few fresh water wells and no rivers. Most houses have systems to collect, store and filter rainwater for drinking and other uses.

Kite-flying is customary on Good Friday. It’s a public holiday when families gather to fly kites, many of them homemade.

Concerns Bermuda has been in a recession for 8 years and unemployment is 9%.

Sea rise and climate change are a concern to the people of Bermuda.

Mission Word of Life Bermuda was founded in 1987. Their focus is on ministering to youth. They are mainly focused on preaching and developing church leaders.
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