Banner Outreach

Pennington Presbyterian Banner Outreach Program

If you have driven in front of the church building in recent weeks, you probably noticed one of our new banners on display. The 4-foot by 8-foot big blue message is hard to miss, and our church’s central location ensures that everyone in Pennington will see it at some point.

Church Welcomes Families and Children

The banner campaign was designed to support the Session’s strategic goal of reaching out to our neighbors in Pennington and Hopewell Valley. Our first banner, timed to accompany the start of our Sunday School program, welcomed families with children.

Church welcomes families.

Family Welcome Banner at Pennington Presbyterian Church

Church Welcomes the LGBTQIA+ Community

Going forward, the banners target groups that might be unsure about our church’s – any church’s – desire to welcome them. We will be sending messages of caring and Christian love to those who may feel marginalized, shunned, forgotten or just different. Our second banner, which went up last week, welcomes persons who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex, and asexual or aromantic +. (The “+” at the end of the acronym reflects that there are people in this community that don’t fit neatly into one of these distinctions.) The banner is accompanied by a rainbow flag, the international symbol of LGBTQIA+ acceptance.


PPC Banner welcoming LGBTQIA+ community

LGBTQIA+ banner says Pennington Presbyterian follows Jesus Christ’ example.

LGBTQIA+ Banner at Pennington

The LGBTQIA+ banner and flag welcoming this community to Pennington Presbyterian Church.

Future Banners Planned to Welcome Other Groups, Including those Impacted by Opioids and Mental Health 

In the queue are banners reaching out to all sorts of people. We want to communicate the breadth and depth of God’s grace in Jesus Christ. At the same time, the Mission Committee is actively exploring how we can be an effective resource to those in our community dealing with opioid challenges. A new Task Force on Mental Health is forming to respond to those challenges. We want all of Pennington and Hopewell Valley to know that Jesus loves them, and that we too love them and are eager to welcome them into our fellowship. We need only look to Christ’s example, where he reached out to tax collectors, sinners, sick people, and women and children who were marginalized at that time.