Flag of the Bahamas





Country Bahamas
Continent North America
Capital Nassau
Population 324,597 (July 2015)
Language English
Religion Christian-nearly 70% Protestant, 12% Roman Catholic and 13% “other Christian”
Terrain Long, flat coral formations, with some low, rounded hills
Sports Cricket, soccer, baseball and basketball are all popular in the Bahamas
Animals The Bahamas has the world’s 3rd largest barrier reef, so there are many varieties of interesting marine life. Clownfish, angelfish and stingrays live there as well as the Nassau Grouper, which is found only in The Bahamas. There are no poisonous snakes or poisonous lizards on the island.
Facts of Interest Britain colonized the Bahamas in 1718 to clamp down on piracy. The Bahamas became independent in 1973, but retained Queen Elizabeth as their monarch.

The Bahamas was a haven for freed slaves in the 19th century.

Today, tourism and financial services are the 2 biggest industries.

Columbus first landed in the Bahamas on Oct. 12, 1492.

Concerns The Bahamas is a transshipment point for cocaine and marijuana bound for the US and Europe.
Mission The Bahamas has a high rate of HIV and AIDS. Often, people with these diseases are shunned and live in areas with crumbling housing and infrastructure. Mission work focuses on rebuilding these areas.
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