Flag of Austria

austria scene

Country Austria     Link to map of Austria
Continent Europe
Capital Vienna
Population 8,665,000 (2015est.)
Language German
Religion Catholic (74%), Protestant (5%), & Muslim (4%)
Terrain About the size of South Carolina that is mostly mountains(Alps) in the west and south; flat to gently sloping in the eastern and northern regions
Highest point is Grossglockner at 3,798 m (12,461ft.; above picture)
Sports Alpine skiing, snowboarding,ski jumping, bobsled, luge,& skeleton
Football (soccer), basketball & rugby
Animals Deer, rabbit, pheasant, fox, badger, marten, partridge; alpine region includes chamois, groundhog, eagle,& mountain jackdaw
Facts of Interest Modern-day Austria dates back to the Habsburg dynasty;a vast majority of the country was once part of the Holy Roman Empire
Major player, either directly or indirectly, in many of the European wars from the time of Reformation to WW II
Austria is one of the richest countries in the world with a nominal per capita GDP of $52,216 (2014est.)
Concerns Austria is centrally located and has some of the most important North-South auto & rail routes which are causing serious pollution issues.
Austria was affected by the Chernobyl incident and today still has high levels of Cesium-137 in the soil.
Global warming is adversely affecting sensitive Alpine ecosystem (glacier melting,increased avalanches, landslides,& heavy rainfalls)
Traiskirchen, Austria refugee camp is overcrowded and called inhumane by UN
Mission European Christian Mission (EMC) is active in parts of Austria to provide young people,whohavefound happiness innewfoundwealth, “new spirituality” and occultism, with arelevant message of the Gospel