Flag of Aruba






Country      Aruba    Link to map of Aruba
Continent Caribbean about 18 miles north of Venezuela (Autonomous member of the Kingdom of the Netherlands)
Capital Oranjestad
Population 112,162 (July, 2015 est.)
Language Papiamento (a Spanish-Portuguese-Dutch-English dialect), with Spanish, English, Dutch (official), and others
Religion Roman Catholic (75%), Protestant and other
Terrain Flat with a few hills, scant vegetation
Sports Water sports, Olympians in Judo, cycling, weightlifting, swimming, track and field
Animals Rare birds of prey, terns and noddies (nesting sites), lizards and iguanas, wild donkeys and goats
Facts of Interest The four points on the flag represents the four major languages spoken.

Aruba’s main industries are tourism, gold mining, oil bunkering, and financial/business services.

Aruba has the highest standard of living among the Caribbean islands

Aruba is outside of the typical hurricane paths

Most doctors are educated in the Netherlands or USA.  Traditional healing methods use herbs and amulets.

Concerns ·         Aruba is a transit point for US and European bound narcotics with some accompanying money-laundering activity.

·         The division of labor is based on ethnicity.  As an example, Immigrants from Philippines, Colombia, and Venezuela hold the lower positions in tourism.

Mission Baptists have sent church-planting missionaries
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