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Continent North America
Capital The Valley
Population 15,094 (2011)
Language English
Religion Predominantly Christian, but an important location for Rastafarians
Terrain Low-lying island of coral and limestone. Thin soil supports scrub tropical

and forest vegetation.

Sports Boat racing is the national sport, and cricket and rugby are also popular
Animals Little Scrub Ground Lizard (Anguilla Black Ameiva) and the Sombrero Ground Lizard are two types of lizards that are unique to Anguilla.
Facts of Interest Tourism is the main industry and the island has suffered set-backs in the past due to hurricanes. However, Anguilla has recovered in recent years and was voted the World’s Leading Luxury Travel Destination in 2014.

The island gets 15% of its energy supply from solar and is very focused on efforts to promote renewable energy sources

Anguilla is a British overseas territory in the Eastern Caribbean. It is asmall main island and several offshore islets. Saint Martin is a neighboring island.

Concerns Hurricanes, recessions that affect travel
Mission There is a Church of Christ that meets on the island that was started in 1989 by a medical-evangelism team.
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