Country:   Albania            Click here for map of Albania

Continent:   Europe

Capital:      Tirana

Population:  3,600,523

Language:    Albanian is the official language, but English Italian and Greek are also spoken

Religion:       2/3 Islam, then Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic

Terrain:       It is very mountainous with the western border and a coastline on the Adriatic Sea

Sports:         Soccer is the most popular sport in Albania

Animals:      The lynx survives there, but is extinct in many other parts of the world
Facts of interest:  The Et’ham Beu Mosque in Tirana with its beautiful cupola is of historical                       importance as it was built in 1794 and completed in 1821.  It is protected by the state.


  • Economics:  Albania is one of the poorest country in Europe.  A large informal economy and an inadequate energy and transportation infrastructure remain obstacles.  Unemployment is high, and poor infrastructure and high corruption deter foreign investment.
  • Children:  Many children are abandoned at birth and live in orphanages until they are adults.  Others flee their homes for the streets to escape abuse.
  • Drug Trade:  Increasingly active in transshipment for Asian opiates into Europe and North America
  • Refugees:   ~500,000 refugees entered Albania in 1999 due to the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia.  This is still an economic burden to Albania.

Mission:     Presbyterian Mission Agency support outreach activities to children of Albania,                 supporting orphanages, translation of children’s Christian educational materials, etc.

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