Adult Education

Sunday Morning Education Hour

Adult education offerings at Pennington Presbyterian aim to deepen the faith, understanding, and Christian commitment of participants. We invite all adults to participate in one of our many learning opportunities. Sunday morning adult education courses meet September through May at 9:00 am.

Biblical Literature and Foundations of Faith

Classes in this track are of two types: those focusing on biblical books, themes, and questions and those focusing on core beliefs and practices of the Christian faith. Each class runs from four to six weeks and meet in the Upper Room. In recent years, we have used courses from Kerygma which may take several months or a full year.

Thoughtful Christians Classes

This class is intentionally broad in scope with a wide variety of topics. Leaders from our congregation, as well as from the community and the seminary, deliver interesting presentations and invite lively dialogue. Topics include current events, community concerns, theology, the Bible, and mission.

Great questions can lead to great discussion and great learning. This is the premise behind Thoughtful Christians. The class gathers to discuss the faith questions that come from the group. A facilitator gently guides the discussion along. This class is a group of curious people, trying to figure out how to live a life of faith, and supporting each other on their respective journeys.

This class meets in Room 206.

Other Education Opportunities

Shalom Women’s Bible Study

Shalom is a women’s Bible study that meets on Wednesday mornings from September through May. These women enjoy savoring the scriptures and seeking a deeper understanding of God’s Word. Prayer and fellowship round out the mornings. Visitors and new people are always welcome.


The church’s library has an “eclectic” selection of books, audiotapes, and videos for children and adults to borrow and enjoy. Located in the “reading nook” outside the Upper Room (children’s section) and in Upper Titus, the catalog  includes a range of biographical, inspirational, fiction, non-fiction, travel-related, religious, spiritual, life-style, and other genres. Look it over and be surprised at the breadth of material, all appropriate for a family library.