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Continent Europe (located in the eastern Pyrenees mountains; bordered by Spain and France)
Capital Andorra la Vella
Population 85,580 (July, 2015 est.)
Language Catalan (official), Spanish, Portuguese, and French
Religion Roman Catholic (90%)
Terrain Rugged mountains dissected by narrow valleys
Sports Winter sports, along with mountain biking, cycling, soccer and rugby
Animals Roe deer, Boar, Red fox, Least weasel, European otter
Facts of Interest ·         Andorra’s biggest industry is tourism, with its tax haven status and ski resorts in the Pyrenees Mountains. Other large industries in Andorra are finance and agriculture, especially raising sheep.

·         The governmental system of Andorra is unique. The constitution adopted in 1993 retained the French and Spanish co-princes but reduced their powers. The co-princes are the president of France and the bishop of Urgel, Spain.

Concerns Andorra constitutional government has done an effective job in protecting human rights (women, children), freedom of religion, speech, press, etc.  As with all of Europe, it is (will be) affected by the human wave of refugees coming out of the war-torn regions of Middle East.
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