Pastoral Care

Members of the pastoral staff offer pastoral care to people dealing with a number of sensitive issues. This care is confidential and is offered in Christian love. The pastors may also refer individuals to other professionals when the nature of assistance needed is beyond the scope of pastoral care.


Responsible for a broad range of congregational care and ministry support, the Board of Deacons is the organizational resource that keeps our church life running smoothly. Working largely behind the scenes, these are the dedicated people who handle everything from sanctuary preparation to coffee hour to flower delivery to college care packages to summer picnics to memorial services. In many ways, our Deacons serve as the lead hosts ensuring the consistently welcoming and caring hospitality of our church home.

Stephen Ministers

One-on-one personal support for individuals in crisis is the mission of Stephen Ministry. Private and confidential, the caregiving relationship is also one of the most joyful experiences of Christian community. The commissioned Stephen Minister is equipped to walk beside the care-receiver, not as a therapist or counselor or director, but as a fellow human being serving as a conduit for God’s grace and caring. In this manner, Stephen Ministry signifies the broader spiritual support for each individual member by the whole congregation.

Caregivers receive extensive training in active listening skills as well as emotional, spiritual, and situational awareness. Time commitment for a Stephen Minister, after three to six months of structured study and role-play, is roughly an hour per week of regularly-scheduled visitation and one evening per month of supervised, mutual affirmation and reinforcement by the Stephen Ministry team.  If you or a friend or loved one is hurting, your inquiry about this resource is invited in strict confidence through the church office.

Parish Callers

Caring for people during a time of special need is important to us. The pastors visit members and friends in the hospital and in their homes. Deacons and Parish Callers also share in this ministry of care and friendship.